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Specialty Sensor Services
We are a world class provider of specialized camera services for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Airborne Robotics
We have a wide variety of UAV’s for use in any area. Our technology and pilots are well above industry standards.

FAA Approved for Small Unmanned Aircraft
We are approved by the FAA and authorized for all commercial operations within the United States. In addition, AerialWorks reduces company liability through FAA & FCC compliance reporting.

Top Tier Program Management Personnel
We are operated by individuals with both government and commercial expertise and experience.

Award Winning Image Capture Technology
We utilize a wide array of technology to capture images and data, including: Airborne and Terrestrial Laser, High Definition Multi Spectral Cameras as well as multiple Infared and Ultra-Violet technologies.

Research and Development
We are on the constantly monitoring the forefront of research and development in UAV technology to continuously provide the highest quality product.

We are experts when it comes to surveying, mapping, and measuring any distance between two points.

Quality Assurance
We adhere to the ISO 9000 criteria for quality management and assurance of all our products and services.

UAV Services and Repair
We have a full team devoted to maintaining and repairing all unmanned vehicles to ensure health and safety regulations are above industry standards.

Wide Array of Applications
We utilize our vast technological resources to survey and analyze thing such as tech towers and power lines with: 3D modeling, Image Analysis, Object Recognition, Asset Measurement, and Computer Vision.

Specialty Sensor Services

AerialWorks is the most compelling choice for business and technology groups in the Sensor Services industry today.

The experienced professionals of AerialWorks leverage sensor technology expertise and industry experience to offer complete end-to-end capture, design and delivery solutions.

Photo: Jordy Klein (JKFV), Rotorcraft: XXL 8 (Beresford Davis)
Gimbal: DaVinci (Ascendant), Sensor: RED Dragon

AerialWorks - providing imagery, data, quality assurance, and safety for any drone solution.

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